Mares, one of the leading manufacturers of diving equipment in the world, recently held a regional dealers seminar in Bangkok (where else!). Attendees from the Pacific Rim  and S E Asia were introduced to Mares new range of equipment over the full-day affair and learned first hand the benefits of the products through a sophisticated multi-media presentation and informative hands-on demonstration.  

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Volo Fin

Among items Mares showed off at the recent seminar in Bangkok was the Mares Volo fin. The only fin in the world to have been awarded 8 patents, Mares representatives explained scientifically why the Volo was simply the fastest and most efficient fin around – up to 30% more efficient than conventional fins in fact.

MARES were the first manufacturer to use an exclusive apparatus to perform scientific testing of fin efficiency and thrust.


Through this research a very interesting fact arose, the much vaunted ‘split fin’ technology did not in fact perform with propeller technology, the fin actually performed as a exaggerated version of the channel fin, developed by mares years before.

Also it was found that the improvements given by the split fin were lost and in fact degraded performance as thrust was increased. The Volo fin features a variable angle between the fin and foot pocket, inserts to maintain the optimal thrust angle and stabilisers to eliminate ankle torsion as well as many other features.

The Mares H.U.B  

Diving freedom revolutionized.

The new millennium ushers in the age of H.U.B. : the first and only integrated diving system.
H.U.B. is an integrated control unit that coordinates the diver's various instruments, formerly scattered around a diver, by incorporating them into a single unit. H.U.B. provides maximum freedom of movement, by eliminating trailing hoses and improving general comfort. The instruments are all readily at hand, yet concealable. In addition, H.U.B. is equipped with Air-Trim, the new unit comprised of two simple button controls for inflation and deflation.
H.U.B. opens up a new era of diving. No more trailing hoses, difficulty in achieving correct buoyancy, lengthy preparation or the risk of forgetting a SCUBA component at home.


HUB Avantgarde

For divers who want all the advantages of HUB, the new integrated diving system, plus a host of innovative features, the H.U.B. Avantgarde is the way to go.

The integrated Airlock system enables you to connect your BC to the tank without the slightest effort, in a secure and simple manner. It features a patented MRS (mechanical release system) for the weights, is Reliable and simple to use. Check out the HUB Avantgarde at your nearset Mares Dealer.



Assembling the BC on the tank has never been so easy. Airlock (Mares patent) allows you to fasten the BC to the air tank without the slightest effort, safely and easily. Simply pre-tension the tank strap slightly - an easy maneuver thanks to the new buckle - and connect the quick coupling BC hose for a few seconds. The tank strap will be pulled tight by the air pressure.
A check valve and an automatic mechanical clamping system ensure a stable and secure connection.


The M1 Dive Computer

All the characteristics required by the most demanding divers, plus much, much more. M1 is the most complete and easy to use dive computer for both recreational and technical diving. Also ideal for free diving, thanks to the “bottom time” mode, which indicates the dive time in minutes and seconds.

A modern and distinctive look, controlled by just two mechanical buttons (Mares patent). Powered by two 1.5 Volt AAA batteries, easily obtainable anywhere in the world.

The M1 computer is also set up for Nitrox and technical diving, so whatever your interest in diving, this machine has you covered.


The Mares Airtrim System


This season sees the introduction of the Mares Air-Trim., an exclusive Mares patent; the innovative inflator unit that is always accessible, for controlling inflation and deflation.

No longer does the scuba diver have to contort his or herself into strange position to ensure the deflator hose is uppermost. Now buoyancy control is possible from any position even standing on ones head.

Airtrim revolutionizes and simplifies the search for optimal buoyancy underwater.


A simple and ergonomic unit for the inflation and deflation of the BC. Two oversized buttons, easy to operate and always at hand, ensure simple and accurate buoyancy control.
The absence of a corrugated tube makes the BC more hydrodynamic, enhancing its safety and comfort underwater.

The “Twin exhaust valve” system ensures quick air release with one simple maneuver, regardless of the diver’s position underwater.
The incorporated check valves prevent the entry of water through the pneumatic valves.  

Rip Curl Wetsuits The Jax customisable Mouthpiece  
Ripcurl’s new range of Elasto suits are now in Thailand. The suits have a range of innovative features and are constructed using top quality materials with Ripcurl quality, not to mention being the coolest looking suits on the diveboat.. Suits are available in a range of thickness' from 3mm spring suits for temperate water to the zip less 5mm Full Elasto for those temperate water dives with hanging deco.
The JAX mouthpiece is a new product that enables the mouthpiece to be uniquely customized to the divers bite simply by placing the mouthpiece in hot water and biting down on it. - it provides a housing for each single tooth, from the canines to the molars. Result: even distribution of pressure and correct occlusion (between the teeth) spacing.




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